Avoid The 5 Major Mistakes When Painting Kitchen Cabinets


Cabinets are the face of a kitchen. Just imagine your kitchen without cabinets… It will be an empty room with a bland look. Kitchen, the heart of your home will look bad and you will not feel like working in it.

Sometimes surprisingly, a kitchen with modular cabinets also looks ugly. Do you know why? It’s because the cabinets are not painted properly. With a gap of year or two, you should recoat the paint or apply a new color on your cabinets to maintain their beauty and life-span. You should connect with a company providing cabinet painting services and complete the task for a desired result.


Moving on, at the time of cabinet painting, several mistakes are committed by the home-owners or the professionals, intentionally or unintentionally. If make the same mistakes while getting your cabinets painted, the result will not be as great as expected. To help you prevent such mistakes, we have listed the 5 common ones.

Rushing out during the task

Cabinet painting services are not a matter of a day or two so you should not be impatient and ask the painters to complete a task quickly. The process includes different steps which start from sanding and ends at the final coating. And it’s the same for all kinds of cabinets. If you rush through the job, the cabinets will get painted poorly and the result will be disappointing. So, give maximum time to the painters.


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Not taking out the cabinets before painting

The painters might not know the structure and functioning of the cabinets installed in your kitchen so you should take the initiative. You should pull the cabinets out and keep the parts apart without damaging them. If the cabinets are not removed and painted being installed, the result will be uneven and the appearance will be amateur. Also, the painters will not get access to the internal areas.

Not taking note of how to put the cabinets back

Just like removing the cabinets, you should take note of keeping them back in the original structure. We recommend sharing the same note with the experts so that they would help you if get stuck. If you remove the cabinets without knowing how to settle it back, it will become a huge problem and spoil the look of your kitchen.

Forgetting to clean the cabinets

People think painting will clean the cabinets in and out and there is no need to give extra efforts. The painting will indeed clean the cabinets but the impression of the paint will not be good if the cabinets are not clean. You should use hot water with grease-cutting soap and a sponge to clean and dry the cabinets with a dishcloth. If the dirt, grease, and dust are left behind, the paint will not stick.


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Not testing the color before painting

Paints are expensive so you should not invest in a huge tin without testing. You should buy smaller tins or ask for free testers of different colors and check the look by painting over the top of the cabinets. Not just colors, you should perform multiple tests to see the tone of your preference. You should choose the color that would work best with your backsplash and kitchen counter.

Other than avoiding these mistakes, you should not prefer DIY for cabinet painting as it will take more time and cause grief because you are not specialized. You should call professionals for quality cabinet painting services. It is better to invest in some money rather than getting a bad look for your cabinets. Re-vamp your cabinets keeping the above-listed points in mind to avoid any mistake in future.

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