Using The Best Equipment to Power The Heart of Your Kitchen


To have a stable and efficient kitchen always, your kitchen needs the best equipment. In the commercial hospitality industry, good equipment is just as important as having a good working staff. The quality of the machinery used in the kitchen reflects upon the food and this is what separates the decent kitchens from the good ones.

One of the things that your workplace invariably needs throughout the day is a running flame. All kitchen work is primarily centered around the cooktops. Therefore, you will want to make sure that your haven uses nothing short of the best cooktops that one can use.

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How Do They Weave Their Magic?

Understanding classic gas cooktops are not all that difficult. They have been used for years together and their durability has only gotten better with time. These burners can use both propane or natural gas, when you turn the knob, the valve underneath opens and minimizes air pressure which in turn sucks in the oxygen and the gas thereby making it combustible.

Commercial Gas Cooktops are in many ways, a lot different from their household counterparts. These must be tried and tested, and their durability is key. Unlike other equipment, you are not likely to change these for a long time to come. Therefore, splurging a little extra cash and getting good quality equipment is the better alternative for you.

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Pros of Using the Classics

Today, there are many electric options available in the market, but you will notice than many of the veterans still prefer the classic apparatus for their endeavors. This is mainly because the gas variants have many advantages over today’s alternatives-


Many electric variants today have impressive speeds, but the truth is that gas-tops are always a bit faster. When you are in a rush and need to use the stove quickly, an electric top will take time to warm up whereas a gas top will be on the road in no time at all.


It is much easier for you to control the flame on your gas top than on your electric variant. The electric alternatives have their own set of advantages but when it comes to changing temperatures, they just are not as fast as their competitors. Most of the cooks would like to have complete control over their cooking without having to succumb to unprecedented circumstances.


One of the best things about your good old tops is that they are not fragile at all. There is a good chance that your commercial workstation turns a little stressful at times and there is heavy usage of all your equipment. This is where the beauty of these machines is seen. Even after years of constant wear and tear, you will not face any problems with them as much as an electric top may inconvenience you.


They may not be sleek looking and sport a state of the art design but they sure are cost-effective. You may have your inhibitions when you consider buying this costlier variant but over a period, you will realize that they save you more money than the electric tops.

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Taking Care of your Cooktop

To make the most out of your cooktop, you will have to be meticulous with your maintenance every day. Choosing to clean these once a week can cause problems and your cleaning process could be more difficult too. Based on the usage for the day, you can either go for light or heavy cleaning:

Light Cleaning

  • Wait for your top to cool down. You must wait till your top is comparatively cool or you may get burned.
  • Use a cleaner liquid or simple soap water on your apparatus and use a cloth to wipe it thoroughly.
  • The cloth used should be made of a tough material so it can even reach the edges and corners well and wipe off the grease.
  • Use a dry cloth to dry out your apparatus and make sure that you thoroughly wipe every corner.
  • Let your equipment dry (preferably overnight) so that it is good as new the next day.

Heavy Cleaning

  • Wait for your top to cool down. You must wait till your top is comparatively cool or you may get burned.
  • Start with a simple round of light cleaning so that the basic maintenance is out of the way.
  • Locate the hard water spots and pour white vinegar on them.
  • Locate areas where there is hard residue and use ceramic cleaner liquid on a cloth to scrub them. Scrubbing them off may be a little difficult so be persistent and avoid using metal wool.
  • Repeat the process for spots that are tough to remove
  • Once all the stains have been removed, use a wet cloth to clean out the equipment so that there are no residual chemicals on your stove.
  • Wipe down your stove with a dry cloth and make sure that no watermarks are left behind.
  • Let your stove dry out (preferably overnight) before you use it again.

While heavy cleaning may not be required very often, it is suggested that you do it once or twice a week.

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