Repair Checklist For Fire Alarm System


Fire breakout is one of the most common hazards and can happen due to various reasons like a short circuit in electrical equipment, faulty wiring, overheating, etc. It is essential to have a sound quality fire alarm system to protect your home and office from such fire hazards.

Just like any other security system, merely fitting a fire alarm system in your premises without regular repair and maintenance won’t solve the purpose. You need to do time-to-time maintenance to ensure smooth operations and prevent unforeseen accidents. Usually, a right contractor or dealer who installs the fire alarm system takes care of keeping the system updated and operational. No matter how superior quality or brand and updated fire alarm system you choose, a fire alarm system works round the clock and hence is bound to have technical issues after some time. And this may lead to failure in operations during the time of fire break out.

What Are The Common Issues In A Fire Alarm That Need To Be Repaired?

  • The electrical wires in smoke detectors get corroded after a period and thus need to be replaced
  • The speakers and other worn-out parts need to be replaced
  • Adjusting the smoke sensors
  • The strobe lights that are used to warn people in property having a fire break out need to be replaced regularly
  • The alarms need to be checked for reconnections so that it warns with sound during a fire accident
  • The failures in circuit boards should be detected and troubleshoot

How To Ensure Proper Repair?

Fire alarms form an important part of the security system. Hence, to ensure uninterrupted operation, the repair and replacement must be done by trained professionals only. Hiring trained technicians with skill, knowledge and experience will ensure that your fire alarm doesn’t ditch you when you need it most. It is observed that when regular maintenance is done, the system operates error-free for a longer time. Although we suggest keeping the technician’s number handy.

To decide the number of a maintenance check, you need to take in consideration the age of your fire alarm. For example, if a system is more than five years old, then it must be checked more often to avoid operational failure. Even if your fire alarm system is new, you must check for faulty grounding and voltage issues. It is only possible to detect these problems with regular testing by trained technicians. At times climatic factors, temperature, humidity and fluctuating voltage can lead to failure of fire alarm’s operations.

If your system is more than ten years old, it is not necessary to replace it until it stops working. There are so many cases where even ten to fifteen years old systems are perfectly fine with minor repairs. Although, you need to increase the frequency of maintenance checks else you might have to pay a hefty amount to fix the damage caused in an emergency.

The government has made it mandatory to install a fire alarm system in buildings exceeding certain height as it is observed that a lot of people avoid buying fire alarm systems to save on budget.

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