Kitchen Renovations – Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning


DIY or hire a professional?

Naturally, undertaking your kitchen renovation on your own will you save you a considerable amount of money in labor costs, including demolition and construction. However, only consider the DIY option if you have the necessary skills and experience to perform a kitchen renovation. Attempting to do everything on your own in order to save money – despite lacking all the necessary expertise, may result in a defective kitchen build that can have disastrous financial consequences.

When using a professional kitchen builder to renovate your kitchen, be sure to enquire about their material sourcing costs. These costs will often vary greatly from contractor to contractor and can add a significant amount to the final cost of your new kitchen build. In cases where their fees are substantial, it may be wise to source the materials yourself.

Just be mindful that professionals will have an established network of contacts that can make sourcing the right materials an effortless task. On the other hand, sourcing the right materials on your own, will require you to seek out many different outlets in order to get the best quote. Depending on the size and scale of your renovation, this may require a significant amount of time.

In cases where your new kitchen renovation requires new plumbing and other utilities work, such as gas and electrical, it’s essential to always recruit an experienced tradesperson.

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Cabinet considerations

The cabinets and their installation typically account for almost a third of the entire kitchen renovation budget. Many homeowners are able to reduce these costs by choosing to update their current cabinets, rather than replacing them altogether. Resurfacing is a popular and cost-effective technique for rejuvenating the appearance of old cabinets.

Some homeowners are able to cut costs even further, by only refurbishing the visible panels. However, it must be remembered that your kitchen is able to add a substantial amount of value to your property. Cutting corners by only refurbishing the front panels may be a great cost-cutting routine, but it harms the value of your kitchen and therefore, the rest of property’s as well.

LED lights

LED lights are able to illuminate your kitchen space for a fraction of the cost of traditional fluorescent lights, as they draw far less power. Furthermore, LED lights are fully customizable, allowing you to alter their color and brightness to create individual moods and settings.

Sustainable or energy efficient appliances

From dishwashers to smaller devices, virtually all modern kitchen appliances these days are energy efficient, with some devices having better eco ratings than others. Kitchen appliances with high energy efficient ratings help you to save money on your power bills, so they are well worth the investment.

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Suspended kitchen utensils

It’s no secret that large kitchen utensils occupy an awful lot of room in the kitchen, leaving little room for other important devices. One way of reducing the storage demands of larger utensils such as pots and pans, is to suspend them from crossbars carefully erected within the kitchen. Crossbars allow easy access and don’t require you to reach down into the cabinets and cupboards to retrieve your utensils. By choosing to hang your larger utensils, it also allows them to dry naturally in the open air.


While kitchen renovations are extremely time consuming and expensive, they’re also an excellent way to boost the overall sale value of your property. The decisions you make while planning your renovation can go a long way to determining how much money you ultimately save. If you desire to upgrade your kitchen but lack the skills and expertise to do it own your own, it’s best to consult an experienced kitchen renovations specialist.

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